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-Dr. David Rice

"You don't build a business - you build people - and then those people build your business" 

Our strong foundation begins with our people...

Ameri-Tool has been exceeding customer expectations since 1981.

Our commitment to quality and prioritizing our people has kept our business strong and thriving for over three decades. We invest in the success of our employees and treat our customers as a valued extension of our team.

We believe a company's integrity can be measured by its turnover rate. With an average employee tenure of over 12 years, our quality-first culture has maintained our turnover rate as one of the lowest in the industry.

Ameri-Tool’s low turnover rate keeps our staff not only knowledgeable and up-to-date about our industry, but knowledgeable about the unique Ameri-Tool process. In turn, we can rest assured that excellence is executed on each and every project, providing our customers with top-quality CNC Machining and Mold Design services.

This excellence fosters a company-wide sense of pride in our work, whether it is produced in the office or the shop, and helps us to remain a “Made in America” brand.

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